Visual Storytelling: The Art of Crafting Compelling Content for Mobile Apps and Instagram

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Modern media provide many forms of narrative content. They include cinema, literary works, newspapers, magazines, and paintings. The Internet is no exception. Thus, the age of digital technology made visual narrative an important component of media communication. Moreover, visual content is more effective than text or audio. The fact is that it evokes emotions and reactions in the reader.

Storytelling is a technology of story narration in which all modern formats, digital platforms, and media types communicate, such as movies, videos, the Internet, games, photos, and mobile platforms. Mobile applications play a role in this process when each project is transformed into a story format. For example, developers create specialized software to make users watch IG stories. We invite you to discuss important aspects of storytelling on the Internet and learn how mobile Instagram apps affect the genre of visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling by Instagram: the essential tools

Originally, there were several essential storytelling types:

  1. Verbal storytelling is when content is provided individually in a personal presentation or collective team format.
  2. Visual storytelling is when visual media channels create new types of narration. This type of storytelling is not revolutionary for now since it was generated many centuries ago. Today, the Internet, cinema, and television are essential visual storytelling formats.
  3. Textual or written storytelling. People design it through articles, blogs, and literary works. However, it includes not only text messages but also images. Many users can communicate with text storytelling via a computer or mobile device and specialized software, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office.
  4. Digital storytelling is when people provide content through media such as videos, animations, interactive stories, and even games. Because of the Internet, users can access huge libraries of exciting stories by clicking. Millions of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook users share their personal stories with their personal opinions. Stories function in Instagram or WhatsApp became the main format for presenting digital storytelling.
social media video
Social media video

Digital storytelling includes a visual one. Without the Internet, users could not share their stories with other users. Various platforms and web resources help people to engage in interactive activities individually or as part of a team.

Instagram has become a great way and technology for visual storytelling when users tell their stories through articles, texts, and interactive media resources. The hidden and official functions of Instagram help them answer that question. Moreover, all popular world languages can provide this exciting form of visual storytelling.


The modern world provides many new forms of visual storytelling. New evolutionary processes in information technology had led society to increase the role of visual experience in the user’s consciousness when the visual expression of artistic images and emotions became dominant over textual. The collective form of visual and digital narration allows users to achieve great success in this type of storytelling.

Many users can start Instagram reels download by specialized mobile programs to stay updated with their favorite accounts. Because of some features of Instagram, society got a qualitatively new visual perception of reality and the possibility of its transformation. So many media have developed innovative technologies and the pace of evolution of media, including the Internet and social networks.