Disco Light: swift party organisation

Let’s imagine you soon need to create an atmosphere for a fun party. To do this, you need to find fun music and beautiful visual effects. If music is available in almost every smartphone, it is unlikely that every user carries equipment to create light music every day. You have to admit, this is ridiculous. However, you should not worry about this anymore as the Disco Light program will completely solve this problem and make your party colourful thanks to the appropriate visual design.

All you need to create an unforgettable party is your smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, as well as a pre-installed Disco Light program. Once activated, it will blink into rhythm with the sound of music, whatever device plays it. Also, it will not be difficult for you to install and run this program.

Tutorial of the Disco Light installation

  1. First Step. First, you should check that the device you are using (such as a tablet or mobile phone) supports the operation of this program. For this, there must be at least 2.1 version of Android. To test this issue, you need to visit the menu and choose those settings that will have such sections as «Smartphone» and «Android version». When you are sure that your smartphone supports Disco Light, you can move on to the second step.
  2. The second step. How to launch light music on an Android smartphone? First, you should download the Disco Lights app via a dedicated website or from the Play Market. It is preferable if you choose the first option because it helps users to familiarise themselves with the capabilities of third-party web directories, which have a more useful range than the Play Market. This has two reasons: a more extensive range of different programs (such as the PNC app for Android) and the availability of software that will never enter the official store of apps because of Google’s internal policies. For example, you can download the Zopa app to perform various banking operations.

    Zopa app download
  3. The third step is to install the program. The installation will begin if you have downloaded it through the Play Market. However, if you have used a free software download site to do that, you must perform another additional action. For smartphone owners with older versions of operating systems, there is a need to use one of the file managers to find the downloaded apk file. Then you should click on this and start installing the program. In recent versions of Android, you do not have to search for the file separately, as you will see the notification about this on the top toolbar.
  4. The fourth step is to start the program and turn on the music. To do this, you should click on the shortcut, enable the program and click the green button, which is at the bottom of the screen. After that, the mobile device starts flashing and it will use the flashlight and screen. At the same time, the blinking is not chaotic, but corresponds to the rhythm of the playable music that Disco Light listens to through an activated microphone in a special way.

This program works both in the active position and in the background. Also, this program pleases users with the presence of not one, but several modes with visual effects.

Disco Light

Disco Light modes

  1. «Light Music». This mode corresponds to its name and you get flashing different shades on your smartphone in the rhythm of the sounding music.
  2. «Strobe Scope». This function reproduces white-light flashes at a selected interval, and this process creates an interesting visual effect that different nightclubs use. Setting the mode is done through the Strobe Light Speed feature, which sets the flashing frequency. Inflating the numerical values of the parameter leads to the fact that «stroboscope» starts flashing infrequently.
  3. «Flashlight». It would seem that most smartphones have a built-in flashlight. However, this mode allows you to choose the maximum display brightness with one finger motion and you can turn a smartphone into a flashlight even if it does not have a built-in LED device. Second, Disco Light allows users to control the built-in flashlight in a more comfortable procedure.
  4. «Morse code». If you select this feature and open the Custom Morse Text point, you will be able to write any text that the smartphone will then play through flashes of light that will be broadcast according to Morse code.
  5. There is the fifth mode. If you shake your smartphone, its display and LED flashlight will begin to blink chaotically. Moreover, the display will demonstrate several flashes of different shades in a random order.